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Postby word » 18/12/2017

Bella agrees to talk to Jacob alone. Bella admits that she will not survive the birth as a human but has alv in selection-screen that everything is going to be fine. They cannot believe this heafache happened. Seth and Jacob were not happy with this, but when the Alpha spoke the pack had to follow. Carlisle and Rose wonder if the baby is thirsty and to satisfy the vampire inside maybe acupressure points headache relief needs blood, so they convince Bella to try and drink some blood acupressure points headache relief they gave Bella a plastic cup with a lid and straw and to their surprise it smelt and tasted good to her. Jacob was having a hard time with this and Edward is laughing at his thoughts.

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Postby iliez » 18/12/2017

And since VisualHub is no longer in development. I suspect you could just use it for free. Check their forum for more details.

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